Message from the Director

Night Of The Living Dead is a masterpiece of modern horror that has been called "the best horror movie ever made" and "one of the most gruesomely terrifying movies ever made." The horror genre was never the same thanks to the talent in front of and behind the camera in this independent film that first rose from the grave in Pittsburgh.

Armed only with our camera and a passion for Night Of The Living Dead, we embarked on a crusade to document and save a precious history that was quickly becoming lost due to the ravages of time. Autopsy of the Dead is our best effort to lovingly preserve a film's history that not only means so much to us, but to millions of fans around the world. This historical documentary provides a detailed view of the production by preserving the stories of the people who were witness to it firsthand. Night Of The Living Dead changed cinema forever when the dead first walked back in 1968. As new generations of fans discover this amazing film, it's our hope that the "dead" will forever walk and their stories will always be remembered.
                                                                                                       - Jeff Carney

Message from the Producer

If I had just one word to describe Night of the Living Dead, it would be love. While it may seem strange to describe a film in which the dead rise to attack and devour the living as "love," it is that rare cinematic work where the filmmakers' collective love and devotion to their craft is evident in every frame. It's equally rare that for a film initially dimissed by its critics, it was almost immediately loved and embraced by a worldwide legion of fans. Their rahid enthusiasm for the cultral phenomonon that exists today due to Night of the Living Dead can best be described as love. It's this same love and respect for the original film which compelled us to preserve its history by creating Autopsy of the Dead.
                                                                                                     - Jim Cirronella